Spices Plant

Semi Automatic Spices Machine

Semi Automatic spices Machine
Semi Automatic spices Machine

Automatic Spices / Sugar / Chemical / Salt / Minerals Graders

Speciality of Swastik Raw spices Pulverizer Machine.

Machine runs without Fundation since matar is attached to machine, also runs with counter shaft. Grinding of spices in pulverizer machine, spices do not change colour & heat up.

Excellent for grinding raw turmeric, red chilly, coriander seeds, aamchur & spices etc. Ayurvedic Herbs, medicines, mehendi, kattha, gran husk, grourndnut husk, Dal husk, catlle feed, seeds of Aratian free ( Batool ) for poultry, cron, poultry feed, fish, soyalean husk etc.

Spice grinder machine can be attached to flour mill natar to grind spices, & need not attach separate motor drum pulley is to be attached eioth motor ehich is available with us.

Heavy main mesh & 5 other types of mesh with Frame are provided with each machine. Also catlon box, branch, two beater guage is provided with one beater water. Steel cyclenc (gang) with pipe folding is given with machine whichis confartable for clianing & fitting.

Afersaid machines run on 1440, 2800, 960 RPM electric motors & all types of oil engences 3600 RPM is necessary for machines.

Complete machine is manufactured with M.S. Heavy plates. High quality bearying, Japan made pillao block & air type bearing fitted which is long lasting.

Sugar for sweef-meet shop & biscuit industry can be grinded one time like maida in this machine.

Necessary Horse Power 1440 RPM GrindingChamber in Inches Capicity of Hand Pounded spices Per Hr.
1 To 2 4x10 40 to 50 KG
2 to 3 5x11 60 to 75 KG
5 to 7.5 6x12 125 to 150 KG
7.5 to 10 7x13 200 to 250 KG
10 to 12.5 8x14 250 to 300 KG
12 to 15 9x15 300 to 400 KG
15 to 20 10x16 400 to 500 KG
20 to 25 12x16 500 to 600 KG
25 to 30 16x20 600 to 850 KG
40 to 50 18x24 850 to 1100 KG
50 to 60 20x30 1100 to 1500 KG
60 to 70 24x24 1600 to 2000 KG
70 to 80 24x30 2000 to 2500 KG
80 to 90 28x36 2500 to 3000 KG
90 to 100 30x40 3000 to 3500 KG

Chilly Plants

Chilly Plant

Swastik Automatic Chilly plant with cleaning system. We have provider also include 3 stage grinding plant then polishing and separating system. This plant is continuous unit

Specification of Chilly Plant.

Chilly cleaning M/C - Remove Dust, Nail, Stones & Hard Particals from Chilly

Then throw in first grinding machine suction blowers sucks those in first grinding machine and throw the chilly in second grinding then same process go to third grinding machine here you get final Product.

Complete cleaning on 3 stage grinding then you have chilly If Mixer is attached to the plant Final Product store in to the hopper and then in to the Mixer (Oil Mixing Tap is provided)and cooling of the powder also takes place before bagging mixer

It is an continuous process of grinding and only two to three min required while running plants

Plants available in Capacity (Moisture continent should be 10% ) 200 to 300 kg/hr 400 to 500 kg/hr 900 to 1000 kg/hr

Automatic Spice Chilli Plant
Automatic Spice Chilli Plant

Two / Three Stage Chilli Plant
Two / Three Stage Chilli Plant

Two Stage Chilli Plant
Two Stage Chilli Plant

Automatic Suction Pulverize Machines

autosuction spice plant single tank
Specialitie of Swastik Automatic Suction Pulverizer Machines.

Man power is not required in automatic Suction Machine

The size of cyclone Body Tank is bigger in Automatic Suction Machine. It is easy to Work & collect Powdered spices without air pressure, due to dust collector.

Due to continuity flow through, Automatic Suction, motor keeps working & ampere of motor does not fluctuate, hence increase working capacity of machine.

Through suction machine, Coriander, husk of ground nut, rice bran, seeds of aratic trec (Batool) soyabean is Sucked automatically.

Due to availability of beater carbides in Automatic machines, not necessary to change Beater frequently, & it dose not effect the production.

Impact Pulvariser is excellent for easy grinding of rough or fine Besan, Turmeric & Aamchur powder without mesh.

Hand pounded spices are sieved from big plate, capacity of spices powder quantity is more in big mesh & less in small mesh.

Impact pulverizer & pulverizer with mesh, both work on one motor.

The Cost of Dust collector in Automatic suction Machine is to be paid separately which is 20% of the machine.

Note:- The capacity & mesh approximate only & depends upon the nature of the materials to be pulvarized.

Necessary Horse Power
1440 RPM
Automatic Blower Hp
2900 RPM
Automatic Rotary Tank Hp
900RPM to 1440 RPM
Grinding Chamber
in Inches
Capacity of Hand Pounded
spices Per Hr.
5 to 7.5 2 1 6x12 375 KG
7.5 to 10 3 1.5 7x13 425 KG
10 to 12.5 3 2 8x14 500 KG
12.5 to 15 5 2 to 3 9x15 700 KG
15 to 20 5 3 10x16 1000 KG
20 to 25 5 3 12x16 1300 KG
25 to 30
30 to 40
3 16x20 1800 KG
40 to 50 7.5 3 18x24 2000 KG
50 to 60 10 5 20x30 2300 KG
60 to 70 10Â 5 24x24 3000 KG
70 to 80 10 5 30x24 3500 KG

Single Motor Operating Turmeric & Chilly Grinding Mahines

Automatic Suction Pulverize Machines
Automatic Three Stage Chilli Grinder Machines

Automatic Three Stage Chilli Grinder Machines

Single Motor Operating Turmeric & Coriander Grinding Machines

Two Stage SS 304 Chilli Grinder Coriander Grinder Machines

Two Stage SS 304 Chilli Grinder / Coriander Grinder Machines

Two Stage SS 304 Chilli Grinder Coriander Grinder Machines

Single motor operating turmeric and coriander grinder

common motor spice plant or besan plant run one time one machine.png

Automatic Single Stage Chilli Grinder Machine with cleaning plant and belt conveyor machine

Automatic Single Stage Chilli Grinder Machine

Automatic Single Stage Chilli Grinder Machine

Mini Multipurpose Pulverizer Grinder Machine

Mini Multipurpose Pulverizer Grinder Machine
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