Vibro Shifter

"SWASTIK" Vibro Shifter

 SWASTIK Vibro Shifter
Conveyor with Anti Vibro Shifter Machine

Conveyor with Anti Vibro Shifter Machine

 SWASTIK Vibro Shifter
Triple Deck Vibroshifter

Triple Deck Vibroshifter

Triple Deck Vibroshifter

Swastik vibro shifter is one of the most versatile machine, Which can perform the operation of classification, Grading, Oversize or Under size Removal, De-watering, Fiber recovery, Filtration or any type of SIZE based separation

Swastik vibro shifter is Reliable and Economic Solution for any Screening, Grading, Filtering or size separation needs in your process

Advantages of Swastik Vibro Shifter

No screen choking / blinding

Continuous / Automatic Discharge

Dust proof

Low power

Low maintenance

Easy open ability

Screen changes flexibility

Multiple Mesh Screening

Compact and Elegant

Applications ofSwastik Vibro Shifter

Food : Dehydrated Food, Spices, Flour

Agro : Guar Gum, Isabgol

Seed : Wheat, Seasme, Whole Spices, Nut Castor, Soya

Ceramics : Zircon, Glazed Tiles, China Clay

Paper : Paper, Paper board, Duplex

Oil : Castor, Ground Nut, Soyz, Oil Seeds

Plastics : Rotomoulding, Reprocessed Granule, PVC Resin, PVC Cables

Paint Industry : Pigments, Emulsions, Aluminium

Chemicals : Dyes/Intermediates, Paints/Pigments, Pesticides

Pharma : Sifting, Tablet De-dusting, Granule Grading

Metal : Ferro Alloys, C.I. Powder, Foundries

Abrasives : Minerals, Ores, Refracotry Silica, Sand

Others : Foundry Sand, Teflon Powder, Bone Chips

1st OUTLET 'H1' 2nd OUTLET 'H1' 3rd OUTLET 'H1'
SWS-600 622 405 525 645 925 0.5
SWS-900 925 470 595 840 1150 1.0
SWS-1200 1210 545 715 885 1280 1.5
SWS-1500 1525 560 785 1010 1375 2.0
SWS-1800 1820 645 895 1140 1600 3.0